Frequently Asked Questions

At Precision Pest Inspection, we get asked a lot of questions. In order to help assist you, we have provided a list of our most common requests. Should you not find the answer to your particular question, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.


Q: What if the inspection shows termites or other wood destroying insects are present?

A: Then it will be necessary to treat the property to prevent any further damage.


Q: Why do I need a termite inspection?

A: Many lenders require it, so they can be sure there are no active termite infestations in any home they finance. If you're buying, you want to be sure you're not buying termites and termite damage along with your new house.


Q: How long are the inspection reports "good?"

A: The written report must be used within 90 days from the date of inspection.


Q: Are your inspectors licensed?

A: Yes. Our Inspectors are individually licensed. They carry their licenses with them and you may ask to see their credentials at any time.


Q: Do I need to be there when your inspector performs his inspection?

A: It is not mandatory for you to be there but you can be. We encourage the buyers to be present as it is an opportunity to observe the inspector and to ask questions. If evidence is found, the inspector can point it out and answer questions.


Q: You inspected my home a year ago and found nothing... now I have termites! Why?

A: Termites can present themselves at any time. Having your home inspected for termites is not a guarantee that you will never have termites. This, unfortunately is a common misconception among homeowners. Inspections are a diagnostic procedure and in no way should be considered a preventive measure.