Gas Line Inspection and Warranty

Our on-site Gas Line Inspections utilize state of the art combustible gas leak detectors. When a suspect area is found, we will apply a liquid to verify leakage. Resolution of the problem area can be accomplished by DOT Certified Technicians and all work is done in compliance with Columbia Gas guide lines and all local codes.


Gas Line Warranty

The warranty is intended to protect only the leakage of natural gas from lines or valves. The certificate is a written warranty for all gas lines from the Columbus Gas Company curb box or the service line shutoff to the meter, and from the meter to all gas appliance shutoffs or safeties that are located on the mentioned property. The term of the certificate is twelve (12) months following the closing date of the purchase of the covered property. Coverage is does not include appliances. Leakage conditions are required to be repaired immediately and before the property transfer.