Wasp & Hornet Jet Spray

Whitmire Micro-Gen introduces a new pressurized jet spray for quick kill of Wasp and Hornets.

MotherEarth Wasp & Hornet Jet Spray instantly knocks down wasps and hornets for easy treatment of nests. The special jet spray actuator allows treatment from up to 10 ft. away. It's active ingredient, d-Limonene, comes directly from oranges and other citrus peels and is also featured in ProCitra-DL.

d-Limonene is an organic chemical found in citrus and other fruits, vegetables, meats and spices and is used as an additive in a variety of foods, beverages, soaps and perfumes.

Beneficial features for both you and your customers

  • Active ingredient is d-Limonene, a botanical insecticide
  • Specially formulated to provide quick knockdown of wasps and hornets
  • Spray can travel 10ft. to provide applicator safety
  • High dielectric rating
  • Pleasant citrus odor

For use in and around a wide variety of locations

  • Bees
  • Hornets
  • Spiders (excluding Black Widow and Brown Recluse)
  • Yellowjackets
  • Wasps

Product specifications

  • Active ingredient: 10% d-Limonene
  • Signal Word: CAUTION
  • Size: 14 oz x 6 per case
  • EPA #499-519


Application tips

Wasps and Hornets: (1) Hold container in an upright position and stand at a safe distance (6-10 ft.) from the nest (2) Avoid standing directly under the nest (3) Treat nest until thoroughly wet * Best time of day to treat is evening or early morning*Do not apply to pets or contaminate food, dishes or utensils

Yellowjackets and Bees: (1) Locate underground nest (2) Treat with a sweeping motion any insects around the nest opening (3) Then, move forward and apply product directly into the nest opening for 10 seconds


Please visit their website for additional information: www.wmmg.com/MotherEarth